Select a classroom below to view that class' daily schedule.

*We require parents to fill out information sheets at the start of each day. This notifies your child's teacher generally, the last time your child ate and the quantity of food, when they woke up, and when the last diaper change occured. We use these pieces of information to gauge the next diaper change and their anticipated eating needs.

+Children from these classes are sent home with a daily sheet to notify parents of how their child's day transpired.

Labeled Items We Need for Infants and Toddlers

  • Diapers
  • 3 empty bottles
  • Breastmilk (if not formula fed)
  • Two changes of clothes (i.e. outfit, socks, and onesie)
  • Special blanket, pacifier, and/or other comfort item (not a stuffed animal)

Labeled Items We Need for Every Child

  • Extra change of clothes, including socks
  • Special blanket for naptime
  • Other comfort item, if required