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Enrollment Agreement

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Saint Luke’s Children’s Center 
Parent Handbook

The SLCC Parent Handbook contains important policies for all parents to review each year including:

  • Registration & Fees

  • Our Building

  • Our Parents

  • Curriculum, Assessment & Conferences

  • Arrival & Departure

  • Daily Routines

  • Illness & Emergencies


Pursuit of Balanced Nutrition
At Saint Luke's, Ms. Helen, our Chef, strives to provide each child with a balanced diet that meets all state and federal requirements where applicable.

Food Allergen Alert

We are a peanut-free center! We our extremely sensitive to your child's allergies and post in each classrooms each student's allergies by classroom noting those that are severe enough to require an EpiPen©. Each classroom posts a lists of children's allergies and severity for the teacher's reference.

Breast Feeding Moms

We understand that you have special concerns about how best to continue feeding your baby once it is time for your baby to go to daycare on a routine basis. SLCC supports you!

Breast-Feed your baby here on your breaks:

  • On-site nursing pillows

  • On-site private area nursing chairs

Provide us your pumped milk:

  • Mini refrigerators in each of the infant rooms

  • Large separate freezer in easily accessible kitchen for back-up pumped milk supplies provided by moms

Let us know your concerns and needs and we will work with you to bring you peace of mind.


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